Dial Clock Download AR

Dial Clock Download AR

If you want to test drive a Dial Clock download the Augmented Reality file.


You will need a compatible phone or tablet for this to work.


iPhone users can open the file directly on their device. You will download a zip file that needs to be saved to the Files app. This will allow the zip file to be 'unzipped' and you can then open the AR file. The clock will appear on your screen allowing you to 'place' it around your room. We've not tested any other devices at present.


Results will vary and very much depends on other things in the room. But give it a go, it's a bit of fun.


The zip file will be available to download after checkout, the file is free but you will still need to complete the checkout process. The file will also be emailed to you.


Guide to unzipping your file on an iOS device here